Cross-Country Tour in Toronto

For Immediate Release

Press Conference with David Suzuki, Tonight

Engaging Canadians in Cross-Country Dialogue for Earth Summit 2012

VANCOUVER – We Canada’s Dialogue and Action for Earth Summit 2012 tour is hosting an event with renowned environmentalist David Suzuki as guest speaker tonight, Mar. 5, 2012, at University of Toronto Scarborough Campus in Scarborough, Ontario. This marks the midpoint of our cross-country tour. The event features an introduction by social media and technology guru Amber Mac and discourse with David Suzuki. This two-hour dialogue begins at 7 p.m. and encourages audience participation.

“The Canadian Government should consult Canadians and then figure out what’s our common vision for the Earth Summit, which is actually how policy making and especially international positions should be approached”, says Aleksandra Nasteska, co-founder of We Canada. The initiative advocates the consideration of three main policy areas as our national strategy at Earth Summit 2012: developing social welfare measures that compliment GDP, eliminating fossil fuel subsidies and carbon tax, and federal fair trade procurement.

To date, the tour has enlightened seven cities, and engaged over 3000 individuals. The conversation continues to generate optimistic responses in each city, with participants sharing ideas and taking action to encourage effective leadership in developing sustainable environmental and socio-economic models, and adhering to them. With respect to the realized progress since 1992, “let’s shine the light, 20 years later, on what governments are doing and not doing, to live up to their commitments”, advocated our Concordia University keynote speaker, Désirée McGraw.

Eight more cities and thousands more individuals are awaiting the tour’s arrival after the University of Toronto at Scarborough event with David Suzuki. We Canada encourages civil society participation in shaping the national position at this global conference. The recommendations from these dialogues will be compiled into a report and presented in Rio de Janeiro in June 2012.

We Canada is a non-partisan, cross-Canada initiative founded and run by more than 50 young adults and veteran sustainability advocates mobilizing for Canadian leadership in sustainability at the upcoming Earth Summit 2012 (United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development or Rio+20).